About Us

Sostenga is a partnership of independent experienced community development workers trainers and consultants.

Between us we have a wide range of practical grass roots, activist and management experience in the UK and abroad. We work from a community development perspective; all of our work is based on the CD National Occupational Standards and the values that underpin them.

We can provide research, support, training and consultancy services to most parts of the UK.

We can offer tailor made training programmes ranging from short workshops to longer programmes to suit people’s needs for learning and certification.

Sostenga is an endorsed centre by the Endorsement and Quality Standards Board for Community Development Learning (England) to deliver Recognition.

Recognition Schemes are supported reflective learning programmes based on the community development national occupational standards. Recognition can be completed by people who are involved in community development whether paid workers or unpaid activists. There are different kinds of Recognition – from the Baseline version which certificates existing learning from community activities, to project/real time Recognition, based on a new piece of current work, through to Full Recognition where the participants has to demonstrate their competence across a wide range of the CD Standards. The process for Recognition is the same whatever path people are taking, they reflect upon their learning from practice and with a mentor to guide and support them, they produce a portfolio to demonstrate their skills and knowledge as a CD practitioner which they present to a panel. Recognition can lead to certification at any level.

Mentoring programme and qualification
Sostenga is able to offer an accredited Mentoring course, a mixture of theoretical and practical units, at levels 2 and 3. This will cover all the basics of understanding mentoring, the mentors role, issues that can arise, and setting up a mentoring arrangement.

Training the Trainers – learning how to do Community Development and other training

We can offer a four-day introduction to training within communities; it covers all the basics needed to design and deliver short workshops and sessions to community groups and others. Certification can be gained from the Endorsement and Quality Standards Board fro Community development Learning on production of a reflective journal.

Sostenga has also written a resource pack for people wanting to design and deliver training. The pack provides guidance on delivering Community Development courses in a range of settings to the target audiences of people working with communities to bring about changes in their communities. The pack includes over 35 techniques, 17 exercises, 9 handouts, and 8 worksheets.

CD qualifications

Sostenga can deliver the current Community Development Awards at levels 1, 2 and 3. There are 3 units within the Award.

The purpose and process of community development, includes thinking about community, purpose, process and values of CD and the skills and knowledge needed to be a CD practitioner

Development of community groups, includes involving people in community activities, developing and maintaining groups and developing strong and autonomous groups

Social Inequality and the diversity within communities, includes different kinds of community, diversity within communities, inequalities and power and influence in communities.

These can be delivered as an entire programme or as stand-alone units; or aspects of their content can be delivered in short workshops or day sessions.

Other areas of Community Development learning
We are able to develop up the following topics (and others) into bespoke training packages
•    Monitoring and evaluation
•    Conduct community led research
•    Develop community resources
•    Organising community events
•    Support community representation
•    Publicity and marketing for community groups
•    Understand partnerships in communities
•    Develop and maintain community partnerships
•    Planning of community projects
•    Implement and review community projects
•    Understanding and influencing local decision making
•    Develop sustainable communities
•    Engage communities in environmental action
•    Support community development learning
•    Plan community campaigns
•    Implement and review community campaigns
•    Develop formal voluntary or community organisations

Please contact us to discuss how we can work together.