Sostenga works from a community development perspective and endorses the definition of the key purpose and values of Community Development Work as set out in the National Occupational Standards of Community Development which were refreshed by CD practitioners from across the UK in 2015.

The community development process is underpinned by a set of values on which all practice is based. There are five key values that underpin all community development practice: 

Social justice and equality
Community empowerment
Collective action
Working and learning together

Key areas:
The Community Development National Occupational Standards (CD NOS) consist of six key areas that between them contain 25 standards. Key Area 1, Understand and practise community development, underpins all other 5 key areas. The Standards identify the roles that practitioners adopt within the community development process and outline the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to carry out the roles. Community Development key areas: And seven Key Areas that between them contain 25 standards
Key Area 1 : Understand and practise community development
Key Area 2 : Understand and engage with communities
Key Area 3 Group work and collective action
Key Area 4 Collaborative and cross-sectoral working
Key Area 5 Community learning for social change
Key Area 6 Governance and Organisational Development

For a guide on how to use the CD-NOS visit the ESB (Endorsement and Quality Standards Board for Community Development Learning (England)) guide on their website