Community Development Recognition...

... Offers national certification of your Community Development skills and knowledge based on your actual practice

Recognition is a supported reflective learning programme based on the community development national occupational standards which can be completed by people working paid or unpaid.

Participants are allocated a mentor who will work with them to:

  • decide on the level of Recognition to aim for
  • agree on a piece of work to demonstrate their competence
  • help them to build a practice portfolio which will be presented to a panel of assessors.

This will all be backed up by skills development workshops.

The benefits of Recognition to organisations employing or supporting Community Development works:

  • can identify the skills and knowledge that community development practitioners (paid or unpaid) have
  • are reassured that participants' work has been benchmarked against the accepted national occupational standards created and updated by the community development field
  • can create workplans which include action plans to update and extend known skills and knowledge to improve the workforce, strengthen the organisation and hit targets
  • know that the practice of their community development practitioners has been verified and assessed
  • know that prospective employees with recognition attached to their degree will have demonstrated their practical competence as well as their academic abilities.

The benefits of Recognition for the people taking part:

  • helps people see that they are not “just a volunteer”
  • builds confidence as people see what they have already achieved
  • extends their skills and knowledge through working with mentors and attending workshops
  • increases their reflective/analytical skills which aids problem solving and increases evaluation skills
  • becomes a stepping stone to further and higher education opportunities
  • motivates people to do more in their communities and to try out new ideas and approaches
    clarifies clear “next steps for them”
  • includes a mapping of the transferable skills gained through community development which helps people move into employment/change employment/take up further learning opportunities.

"It meant a great deal to me.  Working with great people who supported me all the way through my Recognition award.  It also build my confidence up so I can go forward in my life and hopefully work in my community and use all the values" (Janet Smith – Limehurst)

"By “reaching into the cupboard”” it then guides individuals through a journey, aiming to identify and uncover the existing skills and knowledge gained through their activism.  This provides a platform from which participants design their own route map for their future learning, community engagement and employability." (Nicky Hazelwood – Community Investment Team Manager – Hexagon Housing Association)

So far, Sostenga have provided Recognition in:
    West Yorkshire
    Co. Durham