Val enjoys neighbourhood working and is actively involved in her local community. She has been a community development worker for about 40 years, both paid and as a volunteer. Over the years she has been involved in both national and international community development projects. Val likes developing new projects and training by working up new ideas to community problems. She is keen to encourage people to share what they know with other people in communities and has produced four versions of the Community Work Skills Manual, where people offer their good ideas of what worked for them. She is passionate about environmental matters and how they affect local communities.

Key Skills

  • Designing and delivering training workshops and courses to meet the needs of particular groups
  • Working in many different and diverse communities
  • Designing and undertaking community based research
  • Development of new projects and groups
  • Project management, supervisory skills, mentoring skills
  • Designing and undertaking community engagement activities
  • Building on people‚Äôs existing skills and knowledge


  • Development of Recognition programmes that certificate peoples existing skills and knowledge in community development
  • Managed international projects with community workers from different countries
  • Chair of the Endorsement and Quality Standards Board for Community Development Learning
  • Setting up many different projects, from sorting out the ideas to getting the funding, implementing the projects and monitoring and evaluating the progress of the project
  • Undertaking of research for small community groups through to national projects
  • Development of a mentoring programme for peer mentors with the lived experience of mental ill health
  • Development and delivery of national qualifications in community development
  • Organisational development for many different groups, from organisational reviews, feasibility studies, action planning, designing job roles and support systems for people
  • Writer of many how to manuals and training packs for community workers and trainers
  • Project manager for national initiatives on community engagement, environmental issues, active citizenship, neighbourhood renewal