Heather has been involved in many forms of Community Development for the last 40 years.  Firstly as an activist in her teenage years, seeking justice for people who were marginalised in society.  She particularly focused and journeyed alongside those who were homeless and living on the streets. Throughout a career of being involved with people from varied backgrounds, is able to recognise key skills and strengths, working to develop individual qualities.  Has been a community development practitioner working within South East London and actively involved in numerous community development pilot projects.  Currently engaged in three specific voluntary roles together with being a professional facilitator, assessor and mentor.

Key Skills

  • Qualified facilitator, assessor and mentor for learners involved in community development
  • A specialist delivering training for staff working within in-patient mental health settings, including unannounced observations on staff within medium secure units. Providing feedback and any necessary recommendations for future development within the NHS.


  • Activist engaging with people on margins of society
  • Worked with people from varying backgrounds in a professional capacity
  • As a consultant works with many professional bodies/organisations to bring about change
  • Trainer, facilitator and mentor for over twenty-seven years, specifically focusing on people skills and providing an environment where growth can materialise. In turn, this impacts on societal difference together with addressing social justice issues
  • Been party to several community development pilot initiatives
  • Member of the Sostenga Collective and member of the Endorsement & Quality Standards Board for Community Development Learning (ESB)